SSIS Multicast Transformation

The Multicast transformation has one input and multiple normal outputs without an error output. It just directs its input to each output it had. That means each output data owns a copy of its input data.

We will use the same source data of the previous section to create a package to test the transformation.

  1. Make a copy of DataConversion.dtsx in the project LearnSSIS2 and rename the copy package to Multicast.dtsx.

  2. Open the package and click Data Flow tab at the top to go to design panel.

  3. Drag & drop Multicast transform to the panel and link them as shown below.
  4. [Add Multicast]

  5. Create a variable Count with Int32 type and drag & drop Row Count into the panel and link it to another output of Multicast.

  6. Select the Variable User::Count in the Row Count and add data viewer on each output of the Multicast transform.
  7. [Multicast Example]

    You can repeat the step 4-5 to get more outputs of Multicast. By now, we have not seen the editor of this transform.

  8. Right-click the Multicast and choose "Edit..." to open its editor.
  9. [Multicast Editor]

    Everything is read-only except the Name property.

  10. Click Cancel button and run the package.
  11. [Data In Data Viewers]

    You can see the data in the 2 viewers are exactly the same.

  12. Click Green arrows to continue the execution.