SSIS Hello World

In this section, we'll give you a quick introduction of the IDE in Visual Studio 2012 and then develop the first SSIS package.

The following is a simple SSIS package looking like in Visual Studio.

SSIS Package in Visual Studio 2012

Each SSIS package is a combination of SSIS tasks. On the left side, you can see a SSIS Toolbox which includes all the tasks. You can drag and drop the tasks from the toolbox to the package you are designing, set the properties of the tasks and connect the tasks by using the green control lines. In the middle, you can design the packages. The default package is Package.dtsx when you launch a new project. As you can see, there are 5 tabs at the beginning of the package. They are Control Flow, Data Flow, Parameters, Event Handlers and Package Explorer. All the tasks can be placed in the Control Flow and Data Flow can only be used in the Data Flow Task. Below the package design area, you can find connection managers area. You can define all kinds of data source or destination connections here. On the right side, you can see the solution explorer and property windows. You can manage projects and packages in the solution explorer and set properties of each item in its property window. Like other programs in Visual Studio, the top part is the menu and icons and the bottom in the middle is the error list and output area.

OK, let's see a completed SSIS package example below. This is a screen shot in the control flow of the package.

SSIS Package Example

  • Each small square stands for a task in control flow.
  • If a task runs successfully, we will run the next task which a green line points to.
  • If a task fails, the next task which a red line points to will start running.
  • If there is no arrow line pointing to the next task in the current one, the package will finish running.

It is time to create our first SSIS package to output "Hello World" message. Check the steps below.

  1. Launch Visual Studio 2012 and click File -> New -> Package to open New Project dialogue below.
  2. SSIS New Package Dialog

  3. Choose "Integration Services Project" in "Business Intelligence" template and Change the name to "LearnSSIS1" and solution name to "LearnSSIS" then click "OK" button. A new SSIS project will be created with a default empty package.
  4. Right click the default package Package.dtsx and click Rename to change the name to "HelloWorld.dtsx".
  5. Rename Default SSIS Package

  6. Drag and drop the "Script Task" to the control flow of the package.
  7. Drag and Drop Script Task

  8. Right click the Script Task and choose "Edit..." to open the Script Task Editor below.
  9. Script Task Editor

  10. Click "Edit Script..." to start to edit the C# code. Enter C# code as follows and then click "OK" button to save and close the Script task editor.
  11. Hello World C# Code

  12. Click the menu DEBUG -> "Start Debugging" or F5 to run the package. You will get the following result.
  13. SSIS Hello World Running Result

  14. Click OK and "Stop Debugging" or Shift F5 to stop running the package.

Congratulations! You just finished developing and running your first SSIS package.